Big Data Enterprise Search

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Big Data Enterprise Search

Big Data is only valuable if you can find the information that is critical to your organization’s success. Searching across different data types — text, images, date/time, geospatial, and currencies — from multiple, disparate systems is difficult, and often requires weeks of data manipulation and normalization. This is because many search solutions add unnecessary complexity, take too long to configure, and only address a small portion of your data.



Big Data Enterprise Search gives you the power to search across all your data, even as data types change and new sources are added. With Enterprise Search, you can easily add new information, index “as is,” and get up-to-date real-time search results. As an enterprise-class database, Enterprise Search can also store your data, which greatly simplifies your technology architecture.



Enable organizations to provide real-time Big Data Search across all structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data with a flexible enterprise-grade solution.

•    Many search solutions are based on outdated technology
•    It is increasingly difficult to have unified view of all of your data
•    Major search vendors are limiting support and not living up to information access promises

Key Advantages
•    Flexibility to adapt to changing data from multiple sources
•    Index and search on any data that has been loaded “as is” without knowing questions ahead of time
•    Update and access information in real-time
•    Integrated features including highly scalable alerting and geospatial
•    Go to market in a fraction of the time of traditional search solutions because of fast install and configuration
•    Simplified operations due to more efficient footprint


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