Enterprise Archiving Platform

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Enterprise Archiving Platform

Why Unified Archiving?

Archiving today has a lot more requirements than ever before in order to rein in expanding data storage costs while satisfying the growing demands of compliance and e-discovery. Unified Archiving fulfills these needs across multiple platforms such as e-mail, voice-mail, SharePoint, and others, to enable organizations to track and document business processes affecting this data to more than satisfy the increasing complexity of regulatory and litigation needs. In fact, Unified Archiving provides the most robust and flexible central software infrastructure in today’s industry in order to solve all of these issues while offering the ability to perform enterprise-wide data searches that treat data as the strategic corporate asset it is.

Unified Archiving Backbone E new

A future-proof archiving solution recognizes and provides for the following industry trends:

  •     Archiving will be part of every business process.
  •     A significantly greater volume of data and new types of information need to be archived and must be easily accessible at all times
  •     Data search capabilities are not restricted to individual types of information but are able to find all information regardless of type, format or original application
  •     20 years ago, data management moved away from single applications towards central DBMS platforms. Similarly, archiving and retention will move from the application to a central infrastructure
  •     Access to archived data must be transparently linked to existing applications
  •     New archiving capabilities will enable enterprises to archive data across applications and storage technologies

The innovative Unified Archiving architecture:


IT strategy

  •     Consolidation of all enterprise storage needs in a system with uniform access.
  •     Independence from the underlying storage technology and the life cycle of applications.


  •     The compliance requirements for the storage of audit information are met.
  •     Cross-sectoral approaches to the management of retention periods (retention management) will be established.


  •     Drastic reduction of memory and thus the overall cost by avoiding duplication.
  •     Replacement of costly storage silos within an efficient platform.


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