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Un-silo data with a pipeline to freedom

Actifio – Radically Different


A new breed of storage options challenges the traditional data protection methods with a bold new approach to data protection and availability. This new storage architecture of protecting multiple systems, environments (physical, virtual and cloud) and applications in a single, highly efficient, virtualised storage pool is so radically different from the choices available in the marketplace today that it warrants its own category. 


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  • Dia01
  • Dia02
  • Dia03
  • Dia04
  • Dia05
  • Dia06
  • Dia07
  • Dia08


This category is called Protection and Availability Storage (PAS), which administers SLA-driven data protection and data management across the entire production environment  – regardless of application, system or deployment model. PAS-based products radically simplify data protection and associated functions and reduce storage-related costs by up to 90%. Cost savings apply across all environments whether they are located on virtual, physical or cloud data infrastructures. This is an application-centric, SLA-driven data management paradigm that is independent of server, storage, or network infrastructure.


Actifio is the world’s first Protection and Availability Storage (PAS) Platform and can provide the following benefits for customers and partners:



  • 1. Replaces legacy data management tools
  • 2. Co-exists with current infrastructure and operations
  • 3. Reverses data growth and shrinks storage footprint
  • 4. Saves up to 90% over traditional storage solutions
  • 5. Eliminates backup windows
  • 6. Provides instantaneous restores (local and DR site) via data mount
  • 7. Reduces bandwidth and network usage by up to 70% with Async-Dedup technology
  • 8. Application-centric, SLA-driven
  • 9. Protects and restores physical or virtual applications
  • 10. Granular (object level) backups and recoveries
  • 11. Backups and restores can be self-serviced by end users or IT generalists



Actifio – Innovative Approach


Actifio, the Protection and Availability Storage (PAS) platform company, pioneered the industry’s first storage system optimised for managing copies of production data, eliminating redundant silos of IT infrastructure and data management applications.  Actifio enables Partners to capitalise on the $38+ Billion worldwide market opportunity. From training and joint-field marketing events to sales support and demand generation, Actifio is committed to helping partners deliver Protection and Availability Storage (PAS) based solutions to their customers.

Actifio’s Protection and Availability Storage (PAS) platform is driving the data management industry forward through its innovative approach to eliminating redundant IT storage silos. 

By introducing virtualisation into data management, Actifio delivers an application-centric, SLA-driven solution that decouples the management of data from storage, network and server infrastructure and reduces costs by 10X. 


Actifio – Virtualisation Benefits

As the industry’s first storage platform to apply the benefits of virtualisation to eliminate redundant silos of IT infrastructure and data management applications, the PAS platform is realising rapid adoption by organisations worldwide. 

The radically simple PAS platform revitalised the data management and storage industry – driving the shift away from reliance on costly point tools used for backup, disaster recovery, deduplication and business continuity. To date, Actifio PAS has enabled more than 100 global organisations to reduce storage costs by 90% and network utilization by 70% while dramatically improving data protection, business availability and the efficiency of existing storage investments.


Actifio – Support Network

Actifio offers one of the industry’s strongest global support networks. In February 2012, Actifio announced a global partnership with IBM. Actifio is committed to delivering world-class customer service. The company’s mission to change the way data is managed, through virtualisation and consumerisation, is precisely what users have been asking for.




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