Cloud Backup & Recovery


Cloud Backup & Recovery

CloudHippo: Automated Cloud Backup & Recovery for Workstations - Powered by HP!

Enterprises face an enormous challenge when it comes to managing vast amounts of business data. Sensitive data is vulnerable to loss, corruption and malware when moved to endpoints outside the network boundary. Employees are increasingly more mobile, making the risk and costs associated with data loss for a company that much more significant. In addition, companies are faced with growing amounts of data, new compliance regulations, and viruses and hackers - making the data more and more vulnerable each day.

CloudHippo for PC and Mac protects business data stored on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OSX machines. The software combines elements of security, performance and management to deliver real peace of mind.

CloudHippo - Powered by HP is the undisputed leading backup solution. More than three million users rely on HP for fully automatic, secure, efficient, and reliable backup and recovery of mission-critical data, no matter where it resides. CloudHippo is user-friendly and flexible, providing a secure, transparant and fully automated backup service.

HP delivers the most trusted backup software in the world. With over three million subscribers, it delivers unparalleled levels of security. The combination of 128-bit AES encryption and Secure Socket Layer transfer protocol means you don’t have to worry about the safety of your data.

The datacenters are located in Amsterdam, Stockholm and Munich which rules out the US Patriot Act.

Data encrypted to 128-bit AES standard and uses SSL encryption when transferring it across the net – military-grade security levels.


CloudHippo for PC and Mac makes use of advanced reduction technologies to backup only incremental changes to your data on a daily basis. This means daily backups take only minutes to complete.

When you need data back, you can choose from ten previous file versions stored in the vault and download it back instantly to your computer.


The software automatically creates a backup for you at any convenient time. Just select your files and a schedule when you setup the software. The rest is taken care of for you.